Bitcoin snowboards is the first collection in a series of high quality and detail oriented NFTs. By owning one of these 1500 pieces you will have the opportunity to own and utilize your snowboard 365 days/year. 

We will be one of the first NFT collections that delivers on the promise of bringing real world application to each board by offering unique giveaways designed specifically for all of our holders. 

Our plan is to build a community where snowboarders and digital collectors from around the world can interact with each other while also having an opportunity to determine the future direction of the project. 



  • Mint date announced
  • Collection size and organization finalized
  • Continued partnership announcements
  • Whitelist and Public Mint
  • Mint giveaway winners announced
  • Floor sweep
  • Tier system and giveaway for owners with multiple boards
  • DAO announced (Funded by initial mint)
  • Incentives and giveaways for board holders
  • Future plans for other collections announced
  • Merch store and custom snowboard opportunity



Largest NFT Exchange on Stacks.


A high end snowboard company that will help bring our digital boards to life.


World class adventure photographer.


2D and 3D NFT collection with an exciting community.


A collection celebrating Bitcoin's first real world transaction.








What is an NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token. It provides a digital certificate for intellectual property and true ownership of an asset that is stored on the blockchain.

What gives an NFT value?

As with anything in this world, price is determined by supply and demand. There are many things to look at when determining if a project is valuable. The value of a specific NFT project normally comes from the community, roadmap, utility, and the art itself.

What are Bitcoin Boards?

Bitcoin Boards is a digital collectible brand built around the boarding community. We plan to release multiple collections of digital boards to create one large community for all the riders out there.

What are the benefits of owning a bitcoin snowboard?

Bitcoin Boards will provide both digital and real world incentives for being an owner. These include:

  • Discounts on snowboards, gear, and lift passes through our partnerships
  • Multiple opportunities to win giveaways and prizes
  • A community voice in the future of our brand with our DAO
  • Owning a piece of high quality, individually designed art

How many Bitcoin SnowBoards will there be?

There will be a total of 1,500 Snowboards minted.

Where is the Roadmap and Schedule?

Click here to see the Roadmap

How were the Bitcoin SnowBoards Created?

Our designer, Julio Ortiz, has spent countless hours developing the layout of the 3D environment, snowboard designs, and bindings for this collection. Each board design was crafted to showcase the support of bitcoin, stacks, and the snowboarding community.

How do I buy STX?

There are multiple exchanges that support Stacks. Coinbase is the largest and most trusted platform.

Other exchanges where you can buy Stacks include:

  • Binance
  • OkCoin
  • Kucoin

How do I buy an NFT on Stacks?

There are multiple marketplaces to purchase NFT’s on the Stacks network such as Byzantion, STXNFT, and StacksArt. All of these marketplaces support the Hiro wallet, and you can buy any NFT simply by connecting your wallet. Here is a guide for more details.

Which wallets support STX?

Hiro wallet is the preferred wallet for Stacks users. The extension setup is straightforward and allows you to interact with all projects built on Stacks.


The type of boarder who likes to hang back and make sure the rest of his friends make it down the mountain, the jack of all trades
Our creative mastermind, will probably invent a trick nobody has ever thrown down before. 
We all have that one boarder friend who convinces us to hit a massive jump we have no business attempting, a true hype man, that’s Slope Groomer.
Backend Developer & Legal
Think of Lift Man as the switchboard operator. He’s usually hidden but without him you have no way of getting up the mountain.